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Choosing the Right Tutor for Your Child

Along a child’s educational journey, they are bound to run into and face challenges where they may need tutoring. As a loving parent who wants to strengthen and support their kid’s self-esteem, academic success, and love for learning, finding good tutors who also have those same goals can be challenging.

While the decision to get a tutor is positive, the process can be pretty daunting, especially when finding one with the right skills, qualities, and availability that match your child’s specific goals and needs.

To help find the right tutor, we’ve compiled a list of tips and things to keep in mind when choosing a tutor for your child.

Start by looking in familiar places

A great logical first place to start looking is with teachers who already know your child. They are often the best sources of determining your child needs. They might be available themselves, or they may know someone who would be a good match. Another tip is to ask other parents about tutors they’ve hired in the past and how it worked out. Another option is to hire a tutor through an agency or after-school program.

Evaluate the tutor’s overall experience

Take into consideration that a degree is not the only prerequisite a tutor needs to teach effectively. While a proper background and education are important, without experience working with children, a tutor with a degree may not have homed in their practical teaching skills. On paper, they look great, but in practice, you and your child may not see the desired results. You’ll want to hire a tutor who has worked with children before, especially those around your child’s age. But sure to ask about their experience.

Pay attention to soft skills

Is the tutor eager to instill a growth mindset? Are they passionate about teaching and helping students to learn? Are they patient when it comes to progress? How do they communicate with both you and your child? Outside of their resume, it’s crucial to take into consideration their soft skills. Tutors have a responsibility to nurture curiosity, encourage growth, and help students navigate obstacles.

Know your (and your student’s) goals

What are the goals you have in mind for your child’s development? Understanding your requirements as well as your child’s needs when searching for a tutor is crucial. As a parent, you probably have a pretty good idea of how your child learns and the way they ingest information. Every child has a unique learning style and finding a tutor that understands your student’s particular style and how to help them is one of the most important things to consider.

Involve your child in the vetting process

When considering applicants, let your child be involved in the process. Set up a phone screening and allow them to interact with the potential tutor. You can then ask your child what they thought about the tutor and note how they interacted during the phone call. Was the tutor engaged? Did the pair seem to get along? If so, set up a trial period with the tutor and track your child’s success.

Finding a tutor can be a long and complicated process but well worth it in the end. At Ivy Camps USA, we can help connect you and your student with a tutor who will be a good match for your child’s grade level, required expertise, learning style, and personality. Contact us today to learn more.

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