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Culture Days

A National Celebration of Arts and Culture

September 27, 28 & 29

Each year during the last weekend of September, millions of Canadians engage in thousands of free events hosted by artists, cultural organizations, institutions, and municipalities in communities across the country—these events serve to showcase the importance of arts and culture in our communities year-round.

During the year, Culture Days connects thousands of arts and culture organizers, professionals, and enthusiasts through a vital network committed to supporting increased cultural engagement.

Culture Days Aims to:

  • FOSTER appreciation and support of the artistic and cultural life that is lived, created and expressed across the country in urban, suburban and rural areas alike;
  • PROMOTE direct interaction between creators and citizens, as a key to increasing understanding and appreciation of art and culture; and
  • AFFIRM that every citizen is the guardian of the cultural life of his, her or their community.

People who had never participated in the arts before found it exciting and rewarding, finding a side of themselves they did not think existed. To us, that is what Culture Days is all about.

Pam MacKenzie, Consolidated Artist Group of 7s (North Bay, ON)

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With thousands of events registered, everyone can find something that appeals to them. Events can be viewed on the map or filtered by Province, Tags, or Languages.

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