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360° Kids


Family programs that demonstrate their commitment to community wellness by providing service and support to 1,200 parents, grandparents, caregivers and preschool children each year. Families can attend registered and open programs at eight different locations.

Our programs focus on prenatal nutrition, postnatal support, parent/child attachment, behaviour management, first aid and CPR and early learning activities to enhance each child’s growth and development. Professional staff members are always on hand to recommend a parenting book or video, discuss child development concerns and make appropriate referrals.

Drop-In programs include: Family Time, Toddler Goose, ABC Program, Creative Cooks, Infant Massage and many more.

See schedule for times and program descriptions.

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    I am a father of a 3-year old son and a 18-months daughter. The son is in a pre-casa program and I want to start our daughter with a parent and tot program commencing September 2018.

    Please let me know what is available, thank you.

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