Gym O Gym


Every stage of your child’s development is crucial.

Our mission is to create a safe environment, high quality programs and services that engage children and families into lifelong fitness. By providing them positive reinforcement, non-competitive and supportive atmosphere, children at Gym-O-Gym develop confidence, self-esteem, skills and patience to become healthy young adults.

Our class curriculum is developed by our experienced child development program director which incorporates a Brain Boosting approach by using activities to encourage your child to master their current abilities; and to explore new challenges by providing them a jumpstart. The parent – child programs are also designed to educate the parents and guardians skills which may encourage your child to master new challenges at each stages.


Our Cross-Fitness Junior is taught by Krisztina Papp, the gold medalist of short track speed skating on the Master World Championship, focuses on mechanics and is based on long-term athletic development. We are always teaching proper movement patterns, with intensity remains de-emphasized until the child performs safe and efficient movement consistently.

The program teaches the child proper and safe functional movements in progressions that have a stepwise increase in difficulty designed to work over years.





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