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The Life With A Baby Program

Life With A Baby is a peer support system,  a project of Healthy Start, Healthy Future, a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to provide ongoing practical and emotional peer-based support for new and expecting parents, and parents of children up to the age of six. We offer informational seminars and programs, open forums, and fun social events. Below is information about the Life With a Baby (LWAB) program. To learn more about the Healthy Start, Healthy Future organization go to
LWAB follows the international code of marketing of breastmilk substitutes.

How Our Program Helps You

Life With a Baby was founded by Claire Kerr-Zlobin, a new mom facing social isolation, loneliness and PPMD symptoms. LWAB is a group of parents who help other parents by sharing experiences, meeting with each other and organizing parent and baby workshops, programs and events.

Raising a baby is a wonderful experience, but it is can also be a challenge… When you become a member, you will be welcomed into a
supportive, non-judgmental family whose members come from various cultural backgrounds; many are multi-lingual (French, Filipino, Spanish, Hebrew, Hindi, Punjabi and more). Our unique approach will help you overcome some of the challenges you face as a new mom so that you can enjoy your new baby and maintain a happy, healthy family dynamic.

Through an evaluation, it’s been proven that our peer support programs help reduce the isolation and anxiety that most new moms face, and in turn, minimize the likelihood of moms feeling alone and developing PPMD symptoms.

We offer programs and support groups in Chinese, Korean

Life With A Baby 是一個非牟利的組織﹐我們提倡”健康的開始﹐
健康的未來“ 為準父母及新爸爸和新媽媽提供日常實用的技巧及情緒上的支援 – 416-319-9113


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