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Get Outside! 7 Ideas to Take Your Family Outdoors

There is nothing quite like a gorgeous Fall day when the sun is shining and the leaves falling from the trees are every shade of red, yellow and orange. There is also nothing like jack frost nipping at your nose and branches crackling under foot during the early winter days. Fall and Winter are great seasons to be outdoors despite the falling temperatures!   Dress warm and get the kids outside to make some active family memories.

7 Ideas to Take Your Family Outside

I guarantee there are hidden gems are all around you and just begging to be explored. Water falls, tucked away lakes, rolling hills and trails leading through gorgeous forests. Get out there and enjoy. Google hiking trails around you, check out local ski hills that might be open for Fall rides on the chair lifts or follow that path into the forest near your house just to see where it leads.

A great outdoor experience for the whole family, Geocaching is catching on! The sport of using GSP co-ordinates from your smart phone to find hidden treasures and log books is happening all over the world and right in your own backyard. A simple download of the Geocaching app and you only need to hit one button that says “Find Nearby Geocaches” and you are off. It will lead you by compass and distance markers right to the area where you need to start looking in bushes, under logs and hanging from tree branches for the hidden cache. When you find it there will be a log book to sign and maybe a treasure to take, as long as your replace it with a new treasure for someone else. Check out for more information.

Corn Maze
So many local farms are getting in on the Corn Maze craze! Some are elaborate with 20 km of intricate design that families can explore and answer skill testing questions as they go. Others are easy fun mazes that kids can run in and out of for hours. Google corn mazes in your area and support local farmers by checking them out.

biking-impBike Path
As long as there is no snow on the ground, get those bikes and helmets out and strap on the training wheels. Most cities now boast bike paths that are even riding terrain for the newest cyclists in your family. Bike riding on new paths lead to new adventures and if you plan your journey right, you may even end up at an ice cream shop!

Horseback Riding
If you have older kids, why not look for a local horse stable that offers Trail Rides. Many have staff on hand that will walk along side riders as young as 3 and have horses that are gentle with beginner riders and many are open throughout the winter months.

Go Fly A Kite
Those blustery days that sets those fall leaves free from the trees are excellent for flying a kite at a nearby park or soccer field. Running with that kite will have the kids flushed and giggling all afternoon.

No Family Fun is complete without a giant pile of leaves or snow to jump in and mess up! Get in on the action. Collect leaves or snow from all the neighbours lawns, shape it into a giant pile and then spend the afternoon rolling around and jumping in and off of them with your kids. I promise they will never forget the fun they had watching you.

So much fun to be had outdoors, don’t be afraid to explore new ideas and events in your own community. You may be surprised at how many new Family Traditions you can create!

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