Spring Clean Your Grocery List – 20 Healthy Buys

There is an interesting correlation between what we buy at the grocery store and what we eat. It turns out if we buy bags of cookies and bottles of fruit punch, that is what we will ultimately find to eat and drink when hunger and thirst hits. If we stock the pantry with sugary cereals and packaged muffins, that is what our kids will choose for breakfast and snack time. It makes sense then that by changing up our shopping habits – just a little – that we can increase the chances of our family eating healthier.

This Spring, give your shopping list and grocery cart a makeover and choose wisely when staring at the options on store shelves. By tweaking what you already buy and reaching for the healthier version of family favorites, you can improve everyone’s eating habits.
Spring Clean Your Shopping List – Top 20 Healthy Buys

  1. Buy real fruit NOT fruit snacks, leathers or fruit cups
  2. Buy fresh or frozen vegetables NOT canned
  3. Buy whole grain bread, bagels and wraps NOT white bread
  4. Buy cheddar cheese NOT cheese slices
  5. Buy natural peanut butter NOT hydrogenated oil peanut butter
  6. Buy maple syrup NOT artificial syrup
  7. Buy granola bars based on protein content NOT chocolate and marshmallow content
  8. Buy these oats and NOT prepackaged just-add-water oatmeal
  9. Buy whole grain pasta NOT artificially flavoured just-add water packages
  10. Buy skinless chicken breasts NOT battered wings
  11. Buy lean ground turkey NOT hamburger
  12. Buy real fish fillets NOT battered sticks in a box
  13. Buy tuna packed in water NOT oil
  14. Buy plain milk NOT premixed chocolate milk
  15. Buy full fat or greek yogurt NOT aspartame, flavoured and coloured tubes
  16. Buy whole grain cereal low sugar NOT coloured fruity, chocolate o’s
  17. Buy 100% juice NOT punch, cocktails or anything labeled a sport drink
  18. Buy real potatoes NOT canned, flaked or boxed
  19. Buy almonds, dried fruit and plain whole grain cereal for on-the-go snacks NOT shaped crackers

Buy ingredients to make healthy muffins & cookies NOT pre packaged and processed ones
This Spring change a few of your shopping habits and fill your grocery cart with healthier options and your family will enjoy the benefits of healthier eating!