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pesticides in our food

Food for Thought

You wouldn’t feed your children pesticides, would you? Unless you’re taking steps to limit pesticides in family meals, you may be doing just that, according to an American watchdog organization, the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Their scientists took common fruits and vegetables, prepared as they would be in a typical home, and tested them for pesticide residues.
Allergy Free Kids Room

A Safe Haven

Children of all ages treasure their bedrooms – it’s their refuge, their castle, their playroom and their safe haven. They spend as much time there as they can but is this space actually healthy for them?

Family Guides

Winter Carnivals and Festivals

It's time for some 'cool' outdoor play! Winter carnivals are held in January and February each year - and are a great way to beat those winter blues. See dog sled racing, participate in traditional winter games, snow shoe, sledding and plenty of other creative winter activities.
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