Turning Four Years Old at the PC Cooking School’s Birthday Pizza Party!

Loblaws Cooking School BIrthday Party

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Loblaws Cooking School BIrthday PartyAre you looking for an easy way to host your child’s next birthday party? PC Cooking School’s Birthday Parties have just the right ingredients to engage children in their interactive kitchen environment, making the whole experience celebratory, delicious and fun!

In late November, my daughter Lorelai turned four. Together with her sisters and friends, we celebrated at the Markham PC Cooking School, located upstairs in the Loblaws McCowan Market. They offer a two-hour uniquely themed pizza birthday party for children aged 4 to 10 that did not disappoint!

I initiated a Reservation Request online and 24-hours later I was contacted by Jennifer the Cooking School Coordinator. I booked Lorelai’s party that same day. The next day I went in to pay my deposit (the cost of three children) and pick up birthday party invitations (not a huge deal, but it would be helpful for envelopes to be provided).

Fast forward one month, Jennifer called to confirm the number of kids (minimum of 12 required), allergy/dietary restrictions (if any), cake selection (a birthday cake is included, but a themed cake is available at $12 extra) and the number of parents staying. Be advised that PC Cooking Schools are not allergy-free zones.

Three days before the party, I drove over to Loblaws McCowan Market to ensure that the parents would be taken care of (my only responsibility). From the Deli Department, I ordered a sandwich tray, vegetable tray and fruit tray. On the day of the party, the trays were ready on time and were nicely paired with the assorted selection of cold and hot beverages we picked up on the way.

First Impressions

The clean and spacious room at PC Cooking School, Loblaws McCowan Market

Clean, inviting and spacious. Need I say more? Kristin, Quincy and Canesha were our instructors for the day. Their first order of business was House Rules, which they delivered in a professional and child-friendly manner. Throughout the party, they were approachable, efficient, patient and super-organized!

To kick-off the party, the double doors of the Cooking School were held open for everyone in attendance to shout “Happy Birthday Lorelai” at the top of their lungs for all to hear! Not once, but twice!


A great way to start a party full of preschoolers and school-aged children in a cooking school kitchen, and a message worth repeating!

Party Prep

Each child decorated and personalized their very own chef hat. They also personalized their parchment paper and were provided with the necessary tools to make their very own pizza (pizza peel, plastic spoon, crinkle cutter and fresh dough).  The kids were attentive, engaged and actively involved (even the two-year-olds).

Sauce, Cheese and Other Toppings

Cooking instructors distributed sauce, cheese, pepperoni, pineapple and peppers. Each child gourmet took proud ownership in creating their personal pizza-pie extraordinaire! Just take a look at these masterpieces…

Clean, Cook, Chew

It was time for the mini-chefs to clean-up! Each child had to bring their scraps to the garbage and return pizza peels and crinkle cutters to the instructors. The pizzas went into the oven for cooking while the children were provided a healthy appetizer and refreshing beverage. This also gave parents time to drink, eat and network (we even managed to organize a WhatsApp communication group).

Ice, Decorate, Taste

With pizzas still cooking, chefs turn bakers! Sweet delight! Each party-goer got to ice, decorate (and maybe even sneak a lick) of their very own 8″ round cake to enjoy back at home (packaged beautifully by the wonderful instructors).

Eat Like No One Is Watching

After all that work, it’s time to dig in and enjoy. A delicious aroma filled the Cooking School kitchen. You could almost hear tummies growling. Connecting with a pizza you yourself made, surely made it taste all the better. Children (and some adults) reaped the rewards!


The Birthday Girl

It was time to celebrate turning four! Instructors unveil the decadent Sophia the First themed chocolate/vanilla birthday cake. The guest of honour is given lots of time to take photos with her family and friends.

It’s A Wrap

After song and cake, Lorelai personally thanks all of her guests for coming to her party and distributes loot bags and hugs! Guests also take their chef hats and 8″ round cakes home so the party can continue. Our fantastic cooking instructors take care of all the cleaning and even help us pack up presents, food, etc. Finally, Lorelai is presented with a gift certificate for one free future Little Hands cooking class of her choice.

Final Thoughts

PC Cooking School Birthday Parties are not only an easy way to host your child’s next birthday party, they are interactive, engaging, delicious and fun! Comparing costs, this runs cheaper than indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks, and comparable to spa and movie parties.

It’s what you get from the whole experience that makes the difference. Quality customer service right from the initial request, detailed and thorough information, knowledgeable instructors, organization and structure. Food and drink is provided… even the birthday cake is taken care of! The kids get to interact as a group and are empowered to create independently in the kitchen.The best part, this is a stress-free process for a parent. My only responsibility was to take care of food and drink for parents that wished to stay. Were loot bags even necessary with all the take home treats? Probably not.

Note that PC Cooking Schools are NOT allergy-free zones, so depending on severity, you may wish to re-consider. Having said that, our Coordinator Jennifer did inquire about allergies/dietary restrictions for all guests, and asked that children with severe allergies attend with a parent and wear their EpiPen. I highly recommend the PC Cooking School for your child’s next birthday party. Don’t hesitate to check out what is offered in your local area. Kid parties and teen parties are offered in wide variety of themes that are sure to impress.

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6 thoughts on “Turning Four Years Old at the PC Cooking School’s Birthday Pizza Party!”

  1. Sounds fantastic – I signed Owen up for little chef class in Jan run by the town – he would love this maybe number 5! Emmie would love eating all the treats!!!! Lol

  2. Thank you for your detailed review. I was looking into this party at this exact location for my turning 6 year old and I see, similar to you, I have 3 kids so as you can imagine I’m looking for something with minimal work from me as I would have to tend to my younger kids as well. Good to know about the deli and fruit/veggie trays. I will ask about bringing in own beverages or if they would provide as well. Thanks again!

  3. Such a helpful review. Googling this party online, and Loblaw seems to have zero information published, so this was nice to stumble upon – thank you 🙂

    Any idea what the cost is? (understand it may vary by time/location/theme etc)…I’m looking at the pizza one for a 4 year old’s party downtown.

    Also – did they have any decorations in the room? Were outside decorations allowed? (not sure if early access is granted to do any decorating/would allow balloons and noise makers, etc.

    Did they provide party or plain plates, cups and napkins…and the candles? (thinking I would bring in my own party ones for a little extra special touch)…

    Lastly, it’s paid parking, I wonder if they validate for guests? This is probably beyond the scope of what you know!…but it’s been a full day and no one’s gotten back to me – I’m anxious for the details so I can book and get planning (it’s 2 weeks away – wish me luck!)

    Thanks again.


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