Medics Camp-Virtual (Osteon)


Discover what holds you up, enables you to move and provides protection for vital organs. This week we'll look at the skeletal system along with muscles and the largest organ in your body-skin.  What is posture and why is it important?  Why do babies have more bones than adults?  View an x-ray and see if …

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Medics Camp-Virtual (FALCON)


NEW! Introducing the newest edition to the the Medics Camp family of programs-First Aid Leadership Camp ONline (FALCON) If your teen is interested in learning first aid, enjoys the field of medical science and wants to take their leadership skills to the next level they will love the opportunity to embark on a journey like …

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Medics Camp-Virtual (Contagion)


Discover the world of germs, diseases and how they're spread.  How can you protect yourself from getting sick? What is PPE and is it all the same?.  Are all germs harmful?  Are you a handwashing expert?   You may think you're an expert in germs after COVID, but let's find out.  What is a cell? …

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Medics Camp-Virtual (Oculus)


Explore the world of the five senses in new ways. Learn how our senses are interconnected.  How does the brain interpret the messages it receives? What happens when nerves are damaged and can no longer send or receive messages?  What is sudden sensorineural hearing loss?  Could you spell your name in sign language to someone …

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Medics Camp-Virtual (Kardia)


Take a journey into the cardiovascular system and discover how an organ slightly larger than your fist keeps you alive.  How do we keep our hearts healthy and what conditions can occur if we don’t exercise and eat nutritious foods?  What is arteriosclerosis and what is the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest?  …

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