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Discovery Preschool


3 Locations in Markham

Discovery on 7 Preschool
6605 Highway 7 E, Markham ON L3P 3B4
Ph 905.471.6260

Beckenridge Discovery Preschool
4813 14th Avenue, Markham ON L3S 3K7
Ph 905.944.9200
Fx 905.944.9678

Heritage Discovery Preschool
120 – 5970 16th Avenue, Markham ON L3P 7R1
Ph 905.201.0185
Fx 905.201.7496

Discovery Preschool supports a challenging environment that intrigues a child’s natural intuitive curiosity. It is a unique child care experience that families will be proud to be involved with.

Extraordinary Beginnings fosters beautiful play experiences with an approach to encourage relationships, knowledge and imagination. We support parent and Infant discoveries using thoughtful materials and evolving techniques. Our classes invite an enriching experience with sensory materials, music and movement and equipment for truly inspirational play.

Black Light BabyNEW: BLACKLIGHT BABY PROGRAM! 6-12+Months. 4 Week sessions.
Music and movement activities using Blacklight theatre techniques. More Info

By allowing students to have input into the structure of their lessons, they are more likely to have sustained interest in the learning experience, stay motivated, and very quickly begin to enjoy all of the wonderful benefits that an education in music has to offer!

For more information, visit us online at:

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