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Pirate Life Toronto

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Come join the crew in search of sunken Treasure! Become a pirate, dress in costume, face paint, tattoos and pirate names. Climb aboard the island rogue, a 50 ft pirate ship and sail along Torontos harbour. Fire the water cannons and save our crew from tyranny. This interactive show will be an experience your child will never forget.

Become a pirate with our crew, dress in costume, face paint tattoos and pirate names! Fire the water cannons and haul up the loot, because we are all pirates arrrgh 😉

Imagine, play & create with us outdoors on a pirate ship with the best view of Toronto’s Skyline!

Come dressed in your favourite pirate costumes or rummage through our collection of vests, sashes and bandanas as you become one of us!

Our crew have their face paint and brushes at the ready to curl a handsome moustache, 5 o’clock shadow or some fearsome pirate tats on the cheeks & arms of your loved ones.

On shore and before departure make ready for the Captain, gather round and present your best pirate ‘arrrghh!’ Climb on the Island Rogue – a 45 foot pirate ship – to head out to sea in pursuit of adventure & sunken treasure.

Aboard the vessel and cruising around the Toronto Harbour you partake in Pirate School, where our crew teaches you the ways of the sea faring life. Discover the mystery of Treasure Island, encounter friend & foe, fire the water cannons and haul up the loot if yer one of the lucky ones – or else there may be a marooning for the lot of ye!

Birthday Parties

Celebrating a birthday? Join our crew for a birthday party your children will never forget! One of the best birthday party ideas in Toronto! A perfect children’s birthday party! Book your crew aboard the pirate ship & search for sunken treasure!

Summer Camp Excursions

Join the crew and search for sunken treasure! A fun adventure for your weekly field trips as your adventurers become buccaneers and learn the ropes of a pirate’s life! Face paint, costumes, pirate names and more as we fire the water cannons to fend of villainous foe!

Educational Field Trips

Pirate Life has built it’s programming to match the Ontario Curriculum on a variety of subjects, not limiting to social science, history, arts, science and mathematics.

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