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e² Young Engineers is an international education company providing educational STEM & Computer Coding enrichment programs as well as Camps for children ages 4-15 using LEGO as a teaching tool. Young Engineers is operating in 40+ countries worldwide.

Today we live in a world where knowledge and information is readily available. Therefore, children need to gather the correct tools in order to process the pieces to analyze and execute to reach the final concept.

At Young Engineers we believe that the most effective way to engage students and assist them to develop their learning skills and knowledge is by making learning fun and exciting. This can only be achieved through a well-planned “Hands-On” Educational System which combines.

At Young Engineers we use two main methods while developing our programs – the spiral learning and the PBL.

The Spiral Learning method enables us to teach the study of basic principles and terms, while encountering new contexts in greater depth and detail with each step.

Spiral learning can be found in every YE program and in the structure of the programs as a whole. Beginning with basic building skills, engineering terms, sophisticated models and software programming.




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