Loblaws Cooking School BIrthday Party

Turning Four Years Old at the PC Cooking School’s Birthday Pizza Party!

Are you looking for an easy way to host your child’s next birthday party? PC Cooking School’s Birthday Parties have just the right ingredients to engage children in their interactive kitchen environment, making the whole experience celebratory, delicious and fun!
Birthday Girl blowing out candles

Everyday is a great day to have a party

Everyday is a great day to have a party especially if you can have fun doing it! Parties should be enjoyable not only for your child and their guests but also for you. Planning a child’s birthday party can feel like one of the most stressful tasks in a parent’s life!
Cheap birthday party ideas

Birthday Party on a Budget

Planning and paying for a child’s birthday party has changed immensely over the years. Sometimes it can feel like we have to better the last party our child attended. Bringing more ‘Wow’ to the party often means spending alot more money – but does it have to?
Surviving a Kids Birthday Party

Surviving the kids’ birthday party

March is birthday month in my life. March brings birthdays for both me and Mabel’s Labels. I also have a daughter with a birthday this month. I recently had a parent ask if I had any birthday party activity suggestions.
Cupcake themed party table

Throwing a Cupcake Party

This yummy party theme has something for everyone! Presentation is an important part of planning any successful party, and children’s parties are no exception. In fact presentation and party themes are almost essential for a kids party!
Backyard Party

How to Light up your Backyard Party

Every year, we host a big Victoria Day fireworks party. For my American friends – this means that yes, we celebrate the birthday of a long dead English Queen, but we’ll take our holidays where we can get them.

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Winter Carnivals and Festivals

It's time for some 'cool' outdoor play! Winter carnivals are held in January and February each year - and are a great way to beat those winter blues. See dog sled racing, participate in traditional winter games, snow shoe, sledding and plenty of other creative winter activities.
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