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Cheap birthday party ideas

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Planning and paying for a child’s birthday party has changed immensely over the years. So much is expected from kids… and parents! Sometimes it can feel like we have to better the last party our child attended. Of course bringing more ‘Wow’ to the party often means spending alot more money – but does it have to?

Here are some great, creative ideas that can wow your guests and your budget at the same time!

1. Costume Party

All kids love to dress-up and costume parties work very well for kids 4-13 yrs. For girls the time-tested Princess party never grows old, for boys you can never go wrong with the Super hero party. Believe it or not costume themes can also work for the tween age group – this theme can be a great ice breaker for mixed gender parties at this age. You can get a bit more playful and call upon the great imagination these older kids have. Themes ideas include: Crazy hair parties, dress-up as your favorite celebrity or all-star, or even a Zombie party! Activities at these types of parties should always include photos – have the little one’s participate in a runway model parade, older kids can have fun with their ipods taking photos and sharing to instagram or creating a flipagram of the event.

2.  Fresh Air Fun Party

Taking the party outdoors is an ideal solution to save money and the stress of decorating and cleaning up for a self-hosted birthday party. Outdoor parties can be held at a local park or splash pad, a local conservation area (be sure to inquire about reserving your picnic spot) or even your own backyard. Sports and party games like potato sack races, egg-and-spoon races, scavenger hunts or a water balloon toss will keep your little guests busy. For outdoor winter parties you can host a snow sculpture contest, snowball target toss or get them creative with some snow painting. Always make sure you have a back-up plan in case the weather does not co-operate with your plans.

3. ‘Crowd Sourced’ Art Party

This can be set-up in your backyard, a basement, sidewalk or in the winter months on the snow. You’ll need a roll of white paper or a plain sheet for your canvas – or if it’s winter you can use the snow! For the canvas method make sure you use washable paint, if using a sidewalk or driveway use sidewalk chalk and if using the snow learn what you’ll need for snow painting here. It’s good idea to give the kids a theme to paint to, make sure you take pictures to send home or post online as a memento of their ‘crowd sourced’ masterpiece.


4. ‘Selfie’ Scavenger Hunt Party

A ‘selfie’ photo scavenger hunt can be an original and fun activity for older kids or a great icebreaker for a larger group of people at a party. Party guests will need a device with a camera to take pictures of the items they find. Your scavenger hunt list can be a themed list, or a general list of items you already have at your hunt location – your house, the backyard, the local park.  Set a time limit that suits the age group – when an item is found the party guest then takes a ‘selfie’ with each item! At the end of the hunt everyone can share their pictures – or even post them online as they go!

5. Sleepover Party

Kids always love having friends spend the night – even without a theme this type of party is exciting and special for kids of all ages. It may not be the most original party idea, but it will ‘wow’ the parents when they get a night off! Activities can include a movie and popcorn, or a round of video games. For younger kids a flashlight scavenger hunt can be great fun. Be warned though – sleepover parties can get out of control if too many kids are involved so it’s best to keep these parties smaller (3 or 4 kids). For young kids you’ll also need to keep phone numbers of all the parents handy in case a child decides he or she wants to go home in the wee hours of the night. And don’t forget you’ll be responsible for breakfast the next morning!

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1 thought on “Birthday Party on a Budget”

  1. I am on a budget right now, and this will be the perfect birthday party to hold for me. It won’t cost me a lot, and all the people will have a good time at this party, too. It’s the perfect scenario for me.

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