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Children need time and space to be their natural, curious and authentic selves. We believe that children are capable and competent thinkers, creators, decision-makers, risk takers, and problem-solvers full of ideas and theories to test and share. We understand and value the fact that play and hands-on experiences are the way that children learn, make sense of the world around them, process life experiences and discover their interests, passions and who they are as individuals.

We also believe that as adults we can easily forget what childhood and exploring the world is like, as we move through the hustle and bustle of our lives. We, too, need time to slow down, play and reconnect with the joy of childhood and life in general. It is quite amazing to see the world through the eyes of a child while contributing to our own well-being!

The Art of Play Studio was brought to life based on these beliefs. We see a need for a space where our visitors (young and old) can freely explore, experiment, be creative, get messy, express themselves, wonder and discover in fun, hands-on, playful ways.

Messy play, creative art, sensory play and nature are at the heart of our programming. Through the offering of open-ended experiences and materials filled with possibilities, our focus is on the processes of playing and creating!

Our studio is a welcoming, safe and inclusive space for our community to come together to play and let their inner creativity flow in ways most comfortable to each and every one.


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