The STEAM Project


Our programs support and foster imagination and creativity by providing youth with hands-on experiences and skill development using new and emerging technologies that enable limitless possibilities for design and invention. And we do this in a true traditional “Camp” environment.

Our vision at The STEAM Project is to prepare youth for a world that increasingly demands scientific and technological innovation, thoughtful design, and a focus on empathy.

Our mission at the STEAM Project is to foster empathy through a human-centred approach to design that we call “Design with Purpose.” Designing with Purpose is empathy driven and places the understanding of the needs of others at the center of designing solutions. Our programs encourage thinking about how new designs and invention will benefit and improve the lives of others.

The STEAM Project was founded by three Science teachers with a passion for working with youth and for fostering creativity and innovative thinking by making new and emerging technologies more accessible. After realizing some of the limitations of teaching in a structured school setting, we felt compelled to develop programs that supplement school learning in a meaningful way and that offer a deeper exploration and interaction with topics in science and technology. We chose a design approach to learning because it allows us to incorporate the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics in an enjoyable and natural way to learn.



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