Double the Wonder: Illuminarium at the Distillery presents Two Immersive Experiences this Fall

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Illuminarium at the Distillery is scheduled to open its doors labour day weekend at 28 Distillery Lane in Toronto, offering two exciting and educational experiences for families as they prepare to return to school.

In a collaboration between Illuminarium and Secret Location, renowned for their immersive attractions, Toronto’s very own Distillery District will play host to Illuminarium’s immersive storytelling. The location is primed to become a hub for family-friendly immersive shows, community events, and various engaging activities. As autumn approaches and children gear up for the school season, the Toronto venue will unveil two distinctive immersive installations: Waking Wonderland and Space: A Journey to the Moon and Beyond. These immersive experiences are poised to spark the imaginations of visitors spanning all ages.

Space: a Journey to the Moon and Beyond

Show Run Time: 46 minutes

Offering an extraordinary journey through the cosmos, using captivating visuals from the James Webb Telescope via Illuminarium’s innovative animation systems and 360-degree immersive screens. Amidst learning about the history of space exploration and listening to President John F. Kennedy’s words, guests will be launched into space. From captivating nebulae imagery to up-close views of Saturn’s rings, visitors can interact with elements on screen through simple gestures and embark on a remarkable celestial adventure. The exhibit showcases stunning HD imagery from the James Webb Space Telescope, revealing the intricate process of transporting this colossal technology (with the dimensions of a football field) in a rocket less than 30 feet tall. SPACE offers an unprecedented voyage into the unknown, captivating and inspiring future generations of space enthusiasts.


  • Countdown to “Takeoff” into Space with a rocket 
  • Travel around the Solar System to four unique areas 
  • Step and watch as visitors leave footprints on the Moon 
  • Jump on meteors and watch them explode 
  • Learn about the famous Apollo 11 mission and how space exploration has improved 
  • Explore the stunning discoveries of the all-new James Webb Telescope 
  • Driven by an unprecedented blend of technology, including 4K laser projection, 3-D audio, LIDAR based interactivity
  • Strobe effects, immersive sound, and realistic & responsive projection may all be part of the show they experience 

Waking Wonderland

Show Run Time: 40 minutes

Conceived by Secret Location, presents an interactive adventure inspired by Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic, Alice in Wonderland. Tasked with reviving a slumbering Wonderland, guests join Anna, Alice’s granddaughter, as they journey through the looking-glass. Along the way, they’ll meet beloved characters like the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, and the Mad Hatter. Armed with a guidebook from the White Rabbit, guests explore various regions of Wonderland — from tumbling down the rabbit hole to pursuing the enigmatic Cheshire Cat. Their quest takes them to the throne room, all in the pursuit of reawakening Wonderland. WAKING WONDERLAND offers an enchanting opportunity for children of all ages to experience the magic of Alice in a fresh and interactive manner.

Both experiences boast fully immersive elements, including 360-degree audio, interactive projections, and scent systems. These combine to transport families and children into the imaginative worlds of Wonderland and the awe-inspiring vastness of outer space. Tickets are available starting at $35 for adults and $30 for children.

Don’t miss the chance to explore these incredible experiences with your friends and family!


  • 7.2 Million Real-Time frames in the experience
  • Musical score composed by JUNO Award Winning artist LIGHTS
  • 1834 Mushrooms in the interactive Mushroom Forest
  • 30+ Unique Interactions across the entire experience
  • 138 White Rabbits found hidden across each world
  • Four immersive sets 
  • Real-life characters throughout the experience
  • Costume design by Soulpepper Theatre Company 
  • Audiences are encouraged to use their bodies and movement to interact with the space
  • Audiences are to interact with physical sets 
  • Following the experience, visitors can take a memorable photo at The Tea Party Portal area

Space: A Journey to the Moon and Beyond
Venue: Illuminarium at The Distillery District, 28 Distillery Lane, Toronto ON
Price: $35 for adults, $30 for kids
Hours: 11am – 11pm
Tuesday to Sunday (closed Monday)
September 1 – November 16, 2023

Waking Wonderland
Venue: Illuminarium at The Distillery District, 28 Distillery Lane, Toronto ON
Price: $35 for adults, $30 for kids
Hours: 11am – 11pm
Tuesday to Sunday (closed Monday)
September 1 – November 12, 2023

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