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Canada’s Wonderland offers 34 Virtual Rides

Virtual Rides at Canadas Wonderland

Week two of the stay at home challenge begins, and I bet you thought it was just going to be another boring Monday! Thanks to Canada’s Wonderland you may just be in for a thrill instead as you take a ride on a virtual Roller Coaster from the comfort of home.

The park has provided over 30 virtual theme park rides that you can ride via youtube, they even give you tips on how to get the best experience! You’ll be able to take a virtual ride on the Yukon Striker, Psyclone, Timber Wolf Falls, Leviathan, Lumberjack and more!

“You can take a virtual ride on 16 coasters, 11 thrill rides and seven family rides with our first-person ‘point-of-view’ (POV) videos on Youtube. The kids will love that they can experience some of the grown-up rides virtually, even though they may not, technically, be tall enough to ride in person. Or maybe you can convince your non-ride-loving significant other to give it a try!” ~ Canada’s Wonderland

To get started visit Canada’s Wonderland’s You Tube Channel, find a ride by clicking on ‘Playlists’ then choose Roller Coaster POVsThrill Ride POVs or Family Ride POVs

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