Strum and the Wild Turkeys

Strum and the Wild Turkeys

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When Strum meets The Wild Turkeys, he discovers that friends can feel like family. Strum and The Wild Turkeys is a book about finding your voice through a sense of belonging and the transformational power of music.

This heart-warming story was developed by the Canadian team of author Noa Daniel and Illustrator Alana McCarthy through the vision of brothers Avi and Barry Glina, whose lost peacock turned up on their ranch a year later leading a pack of wild turkeys. Witnessing this event motivated the brothers to have the story told, and they commissioned Daniel and McCarthy to bring their vision to life. To continue their cause in promoting literacy, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to First Book Canada. Strum and the Wild Turkeys is published by EduMatch Publishing using responsible environmental practices with an eye to impact. 

“…A symphony to the ears and eyes. With its lyrical melodic text and colorful, expressive illustrations, this book reminds readers to rock to the beat of their own drums (or guitars) and if they are open to the possibilities, they can find belonging right under their beaks,” said Diana Maliszewski, Teacher Librarian and Media Literacy Specialist.

Released on Hardcover, April 30, 2021, Strum and the Wild Turkeys is available for purchase on Amazon, Indigo, Barnes & Noble and the book’s website at

The colourful website also offers a few fun extras for kids such as colouring pages, a printable map, book club and a meet the band page where they can learn more about each of the fun characters in the book.

Strum and the Wild Turkeys

About Author Noa Daniel
Noa Daniel is a classroom teacher, consultant, podcaster, TEDx and keynote speaker, and writer. This is her third children’s book but her first published under her married name. She is so excited to share Strum and the Wild Turkeys because the messages in this story reflect many of her core beliefs. Noa presents on the importance of self-discovery, creating and facilitating projects and initiatives that build skill, autonomy, connection, and community.  She loves to use music as a learning channel.  Noa often says that “Music is a way in and a way out of people.” She knows that everyone can benefit from spending more time looking selfward and discovering who they are, exploring their social identities, and working towards feeling that sense of belonging that we all deserve.

About Illustrator Alana McCarthy
Alana McCarthy is an award-winning illustrator, letterer, and designer from Toronto who has worked with clients ranging from Disney/Pixar, Nickelodeon, The Wall Street Journal, Taco Bell, Cadbury, Coca Cola, Scholastic, and Penguin Books. Her work has been recognized by Communication

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