Top 10 Toys to Get the Kids Outside

best outdoor kids toys

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It’s starting to feel a bit more like spring everyday! The patio furniture is calling and I am digging out the flip flops! Time to get the kids outside, and keep them out there, as long as possible!

The excitement of Spring is usually enough to lure the kids outside to explore what’s been hiding under all that snow for months but usually, that spirit fades in time. How can you keep the kids inspired to get outside and play every day?

Keeping kids active is an important part of raising healthy kids, and encouraging them to play outdoors is easier with a few key toys that will motivate and inspire them to be active for hours. No need to spend lots of money, just a few frugal items that will spark their imaginations and encourage free play… and maybe entice others to join in. You can also create one of these Activity Jars with all the great games and ideas for play just in case they need a little nudge to get their creative juices flowing.

This list of the top 10+ essential toys to get kids outside is only the beginning. What would you add to the list?

Top 10 Classic Toys to Get Kids Outside

1. Any Ball

Any ball. Every ball. Soccer ball, tennis ball, basketball, volleyball, football, bouncy ball, super ball. There is no end of games that can be played – with friends or even on their own – when you have a ball around. For younger or less coordinated kids, a soft mini ball is a great way to get started. We love these fun mini animal balls available in Cookie the Corgi, Sunshine the Unicorn, Madeline the Owl designs and many more.

2. Soft Frisbee

Hard Frisbees can hurt a bit if you don’t catch it the first ten times and can be a bit trickier to throw to an intended target. Try a softer, lighter fabric version or rubber Frisbee for lots of distance and fun with friends. Soft foam Boomerangs are also a great option to teach more advanced throwing skills.

3. Balance Bike

Pedal-free bikes cultivate confidence and encourage intuitive riding while developing balance and coordination. Kids who start on these beginner bikes more easily transition to big-kid bikes with pedals or training wheels.

4. Velcro Mitt/Ball Set

It’s a classic and a must for all aspiring baseball players! The Velcro makes it an easier game of catch for little ones and saves running after balls for those just learning. This is a great indoor game for rainy days as well!

5. Kite

Go fly a kite is still the best advice you can give a kid that says “I’m bored.” They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours; you can even get creative and make your own kite with a little string, plastic bags, and masking tape. Best to try flying on days with a little wind, but you don’t have to tell the kids that right away!

6. Bean Bag/Ring Toss

Simple yet fun and a great game to improve aim, balance, and coordination. Make it challenging by moving targets farther away, standing on one foot or try it blindfolded!

7. Skipping Ropes

They are not just for the girls. Jump ropes can be used as a bar for limbo challenges, tied to trees or hoops for all kinds of new games, and make a great rope for tying friends together and having an old fashioned 3 legged race.

8. Slip n Slide

A little dish soap, a runway, and some water and you have yourself an afternoon of wet and wild fun. Or hook up a deluxe slip n slide to the hose for even more fun (and safer too if you can find one like this with bumpers!). Who doesn’t love a slip and slide?

9. Pogo Stick or Flybar
Just as fun as you remember and a great learning curve for kids as they try to master the balancing and see how many jumps they can do before falling off. A great toy for kids of all ages as they come in different weights and sizes for toddlers to teens. 

10. Hula Hoops

When was the last time you tried to hula hoop? It’s not that easy! Kids seem to grasp it quickly though and soon are hula-ing 2 or 3 hoops around their waist and one on their arm as they do cartwheels. Or they make a great target for a bean bag toss game too!

11. Sidewalk Chalk

An oldie but a goodie. Kids can draw any playground they want. Hopscotch, a starting and finish line for a foot race, an obstacle course, a mini-village or chalking their next great work of art. Sidewalk chalk has endless possibilities

12. Scooter

They come in all sizes, colours and styles. Look for a 3-wheeled version for younger kids, and 2-wheeled scooters for those with a little more balance and experience. Scooters are a great form of exercise and easy for kids to tote around with them, some even come with fun multi-coloured lights.

This list includes inexpensive items that encourage play on the front lawn or back yard and keeps kids close to home but there are many more items we could add. Rollerblades, RipStik, trikes and bicycles, plasma carpush cars and other in-motion toys are fabulous too, of course, they just call for venturing farther away and maybe taking a family trip to the park.

Not only would we encourage all of these toys for the kids, but for you as well! Get your own set of wheels and get out there and get active with the kids. Enjoy the warm weather, sunshine and some belly laughs while getting active as a family. Happy Spring!

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