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10 Inspired Ideas for Decorating and Dyeing Easter Eggs

Easter isn’t complete without decorating Easter eggs – it’s a holiday tradition that is sure to bring your families creativity out! We’ve picked ten of our favourite unique decorating and dyeing ideas to share with you from talented ladies around the web. You’ll find loads more on our Pinterest boards!

Papier-mâché Easter Eggs

Papier-mâché Easter Eggs

Colourful and creative Paper-mâché or decoupage style Easter Eggs.
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Embellished Easter Eggs


Sparkles and glitter decorate plastic Easter Eggs – perfect for hiding chocolate treats.
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‘Little Miss’ Character Easter Eggs


These egg creations are so cute! Inspired by the Little Miss and Mr books, you can take this idea to any theme you can imagine. Simply dye your eggs, dry them and then paint or use a sharpie to draw your details on.
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Foil Covered Easter Eggs

foil covered easter eggs

These metallic looking Easter eggs are a fun craft project to share with the kids. Very simple to make, all you’ll need is eggs, aluminum foil, paint and your own imagination!
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Galaxy Easter Eggs


What’s not to love about these vibrant galaxy themed Easter Eggs? We love the deep purples and blues of these eggs. See the tutorial for this really unique take on egg decorating.
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Kool Aid Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Kool Aid easter eggs

From Kraft kitchens – these cool KOOL-AID Tie-Dye Easter Eggs are super easy ad fun to make!
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Blue Robin Easter Eggs


These DIY dyed blue Robin Easter Eggs are so pretty in our favourite shade of blue! Follow the tutorial to make your own home-made dye on the stovetop with red cabbage! The kids are sure to remember making these gorgeous eggs for years to come.
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Gold Leaf Easter Eggs


Pick-up a gold leaf kit from your local craft store to make these easy elegant golden eggs.
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Ninja Turtle Easter Eggs

So simple and cute! You’ll just need some green food colouring for the dye, coloured ribbons and googly eyes that you can pick up at your local craft or dollar store.
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Tie-Dye Easter Eggs


These Tie Dye eggs are really fun and easy to make – each one turns unique and colourful!
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