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Zoo to You Virtual Experiences

Looking for a fun and safe way to bring the Zoo to your own learning space? The Toronto Zoo offers a collection of at-home learning tools and programs for families and educators called Zoo to You. Whether you’re learning from home or in the classroom, you should check out their virtual learning opportunities which include:

Classroom Connectionz & Zoo Connectionz

Brings the Zoo to your school or home with a virtual twist! Learn about the wonderful wildlife while having a little fun too! The Zoo offers multiple ways of connecting with the animals and learning curriculum-related information from the comfort and safety of your device including Virtual School Workshops and Virtual Meet & Greets.

Toronto Zoo Life Brizi Cam:
Join us for ZooLife Field Trips and Zookeeper Talks featured daily from Monday to Friday.

Shout Outz

Order a Special Greeting to someone you love from the Zoo! Celebrate that special someone’s birthday with the unique gift of birthday wishes from their favourite animal at the Zoo! Receive a customized birthday message delivered by Zoo staff to help celebrate their special day! Want to send a unique shout out to your friend or loved one? Now you can with a Zoo Shout Out message! Receive a customized message delivered by Zoo staff that you can send to your friends, family, or whoever.

Educator Parent Resources

Fun activities, lesson plans and worksheets to further a child’s or classroom’s understanding and connection to wildlife and wild spaces.

Extended Learning

Virtual visits around the Zoo on a variety of topics hosted by Explore by the Seat of Your Pants, with supporting resources/activities to extend student learning.

Explore Zoo to You Virtual Experiences at: torontozoo.com/zootoyou

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